Welcome To Woody's!

Woody's Dog Wash**Woody's will be CLOSED on Thursday, 11/26/2015, for Thanksgiving Day. We will reopen on Friday at 10am**  Join us for Black "DOG" Friday and #ShopSmallSaturday

Quality vs. Quantity

Sooooo, as my friends and I are working diligently at getting our online store ready, it occurred to me, HOLY HECK is it hard to find a good company to use for our online sales.  I have researched and researched, literally read over policies, products and prices of close to 100 different companies, read so much that my eyes would cross and I just couldn’t retain any more info.  I mean really, c'monnnn, all I want to do is find one company that carries the products that we sell in our store, one that has the variety of specialty retail treats, leashes, collars, etc.

What is a “Do-it-Yourself” dog wash?

A "Do-It-Yourself Dog Wash" is exactly what it sounds like.  When you come to Woody's to use this service, the first thing you want to be sure you have is, well, your dog....or cat, no one will judge. Heck, bring your piglet if you want, they're pretty freakin' cute too!  The rest is pretty self explanatory.....you put your dog, (or cat or piglet) in a tub, (ours are pawesome because they're waist high,) then you turn the water on, and begin to clean your pup.

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