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20 Best Dog Groomers in Pittsburgh

Feature Cover Story in Pittsburgh Pet Connections Magazine 12/2014

As seen on KDKA with David Crawley!





Convenient and it makes bath time easy! Thanks again! ~ Stacy


Thank goodness for Woody's. What a bargain! It is a great bathing facility for our big sheepdog, Raleigh!
All the hot water and soap we need to wash down our pet. Tools for keeping his ears clean, too! We
could not manage to give Raleigh a proper bath at home; and frankly don't know any other place to take Raleigh to keep him clean! Customer service has been excellent; and we appreciate the loyalty perks! ~ Janet


Absolutely AMAZING! The staff is so friendly and helpful. My husband and I, including our Great Dane, Zooey had a very bad experience with a simple nail trim at a different (well known) grooming place. It resulted in a vet visit. Our fur baby ended up with a very injured paw. She was skittish for a very long time after that. At Woody's, she walks right in and stands still while getting her nails trimmed. It takes only a couple minutes. Their all so great there and so good to our girl. We will never go anywhere else. Thank you so very much to everyone at Woody's for making our girls grooming experience enjoyable again! ~ Ashley S.


Woody's is a great place to give your dog a bath. We take Archie there often. It is so nice to have a place where you can go and for $15.00 get hot water, wash cloths, towels, soaps, conditioner, cotton balls, blow dryer and all the utensils to brush and comb his coat. They even have vinyl apron to cover your self with so you don't get soaked. The only thing missing is a shower head instead of a hose if you are by yourself. It takes about 20 minutes to a half an hour to do a great job that lasts for weeks. This isn't like washing a dog in your bathtub where you have to bend over the tub, these tubs are about 18 inches off of the floor so it is easy on your back! The girls who work there are true animal lovers and they keep the place clean. You don't have to worry about your pets fur clogging up your drains either. I recommend you use Woody's Dog Wash, I suggest you tip the girls (I give 5 bucks) and let them clean out the tub for the next visitor. I leave with a clean and comfortable dog for a total of $20 dollars and no extra work cleaning my bathroom up after the bath, there is nothing extra to buy. That is a value as far as I am concerned. PS I have no relation with these folks other than using their facility and this is my unbiased review.
Thank You, Dave Davis


❤️❤️❤️ ~ Teresa D.


Went today for the first time with my very large dog. Very friendly and helpful staff, awesome products and my dog loved it. ~ Jen C.


Very friendly and helpful staff! Great prices! Samson and I love it here! ~ Amber B.


PA Best dog bathing shop in Pgh!


I bring all my dogs there especially in winter. Great fun for the dogs, low stress for us and wonderful people. 


Woody's is the best!


Woodys rocks!!!!!


Woody's is the best! :)


Woody's is great!


Always has what I'm looking for and has a ton of great products that I'm not looking for. All while the dogs get a bath! 

Woody's is the friendliest, cleanest and has all the best healthy dog food and supplies your dog could ever want. Our 2 dogs love getting clean and beautiful at Woodys.


Woody's is the best place in town for an afternoon of doggie entertainment! The pups are funny, wet and wonderful...and the owner--charming and fun! Good clean fun! I love it!


Woody's does not skimp on the quality of the shampoos and products provided, and the staff is just great! My dog is not fond of baths but actually LIKES going to Woody's.


Me and my dogs always have the best time at woody's. sometimes cinders is nervous, but the friendly staff and atmosphere eventually make her feel right at home!


Woody's is the best!


Best place in the city to pamper your pooch!


Woody's is a cool place where people can wash their dogs and purchase really nice dog toys and treats! They have great employees! Its wonderful!


Woody's is clean, employees are friendly and helpful and the owner cares about the welfare of all dogs. A great example of how a business should be run. Owner is an asset to the community and truly cares about people and animals.


Woody's is the best place for a doggie washing.


Woody's is a community player! Monthly donations of food and products to shelters, adoption advocates, healthy pet foods & products, low stress baths & grooms,fundraisers for charity & more!