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Protein or NO-tein

I'm sure you have ALL heard about the "buzz" going around these days! Yep, those scary looking creatures are coming back! The 17 year Cicada~~~Ewwwwwwww YUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you wondered if eating a cicada is harmful to your dog or not? I have. So I decided to read up on it, and guess what? They're not, well mostly not. There's this craze amongst (some) young people that like to eat bugs because of their protein, yeah well that's just gross, but let me tell you, dogs eating cicadas should not be part of a new way to get their protein, their dog food, from Woody's of course, provides enough for them.

If your dog is as curious as most, and tends to eat about anything, then I'm sure ingesting one or two cicadas will be on their menu this summer. Don't worry, cicadas are not toxic! There is nothing in their bodies that will poison your dog or cat, so no concerns there.

Be sure that you dog doesn't find these icky insects a delicacy though. Overindulgence, especially with their crunchy shells, (OMG---YUKKKK,) could upset your dog's belly to the point they may need some digestive support. The cicada shell is a hard material that simply just churns around in you pet's stomach and it's likely to cause some stomach upset. If your dog is vomiting, has diarrhea and is lethargic, you may know that he has eaten too many cicadas. If you know your dog is a cicada hunter and has a taste for them and ends up a little sick, it's always best to call your vet.

If you need some digestion solutions, stop on in to Woody's, we'll show you what your dog needs! We also offer Healthy Dogma Tummy Support on our website if you can't make it to the store!

Until next time......Woof Woof XOXO

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