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Tips For Hotel Vacationing With Your Dog

Are you planning to take your dog on vacation with you? Around 37% of pet owners take their pets traveling with them each year and an increasing number of travel companies and hotels are recognizing how important it is for dog owners to have their canine companion with them while on vacation. In fact, many hotels and resorts across the US are now pet-friendly and as long as your dog follows a few simple guest etiquette rules, then you never have to leave your dog at home again during vacation time.

Doggy Guest Etiquette

One of the main rules of dog hotel etiquette is don’t leave your dog alone in your hotel room. If your dog gets nervous or scared, they could bark continuously or tear drapes, carpeting and damage the furniture. They may even injure themselves or anyone that comes into the room such as the housekeeper. Also, you should make sure your dog is properly house trained to avoid any unfortunate toilet accidents in the middle of the hotel room.

Vacation With A Clean Dog

It should hopefully go without saying that your dog will be flea-free and healthy before you travel, but it’s a good idea to double-check before you leave. Current and future hotel guests really don’t want to be itching during their stay. If you find that your dog may need a wash during your stay, whatever you do, don’t wash them in the hotel tub. That’s a sure way not to be allowed back. Find a local dog groomer who can do it for you.

Keeping Your Dog Happy

It is ideal if you can bring your dog’s blanket or bed with you. That should help them feel more relaxed and at home and also will hopefully avoid them jumping on the hotel bed. If they sleep on your bed at home, then bring a sheet with you to put on the bed so the hotel’s bedding won’t get hairy.

Finding Dog-Friendly Hotels

There are hotels all across the country that welcome pets, especially dogs. When it comes to finding the ideal vacation accommodation such as hotels and serviced apartments, just in Florida’s Cape Canaveral alone there are as many as 14 pet-friendly hotels to choose from. If you are looking for a hotel in Arizona, then the Kimpton Palomar Hotel in Phoenix is one of the most dog-friendly hotel chains in the US. Your dog will be welcomed by name and when you enter your hotel room you will find it stocked with doggie goodies such as dog beds, bowls, and mats. Your dog is even welcome at the evening wine reception. Wherever you are hoping to go on your travels, it’s important that you check with the booking agent or hotel directly about their pet policy to avoid any disappointment.

Research Dog Hotel Fees

While some hotels allow dogs to stay for free, others request a deposit that they will refund when your room has been inspected before you leave. But many hotels do actually charge a non-refundable fee for dogs to stay which can be anything from $5 upwards. Do your research first so there aren’t any expensive surprises when you finally arrive.

Good dogs make good hotel guests as long as you and they follow a few simple etiquette rules. Make sure you don't leave your dog alone in your hotel room, keep them happy and quiet so as to not disturb other guests and remember that not everyone in the hotel may love dogs as much as you so always show respect to the rest of the hotel.

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