Grooming, Bathing, Nail Trims, Sunday Veterinary Low-cost Clinics 

Last do-it-yourself bath taken 30 minutes before close for Self Serve dog wash - NO EXCEPTIONS-


Retail Products

Retail Store

Healthy food and treats

We only carry the best in natural and organic foods, all made in the U.S.A.  We believe in a healthy diet for your dogs (and cats too,) and we stand by our products that we sell 100%.  We carry products from FROMM, PRIMAL, FUSSY CAT, FRUITABLES, GRANDMA LUCY'S, AND MUCH MORE

Services & Pricing

Full Service Grooming

Professional All breed, baths, cuts, & Hand Scissoring by Jen


Nail Clips  $10



Self Serve Baths 


Really Small Dogs (<10lbs) $12

Small Dogs (10-30lbs) $14

Average Dogs (30-50lbs) $16

Big Dogs (50-79lbs) $18

REALLY Big Dogs (80lbs & up) $20


Veterinary Services

All Life Veterinary Clinics

at Woody's         

Sundays 9am-5pm 


What We Offer:

-Low Cost Outpatient Veterinary Care Clinics

-Curbside Service

-Walk in appointments

-Scheduled appointments

-Preventive & Wellness Care,


-Laboratory Services

*All will be served but limits on numbers served in-house at time will be observed for COVID restrictions and mask required in-house

Call for info and appointment 

Daily Specials

Do's and Don'ts

DO bring your dog to Woody's Dog Wash & Boutique

DO have your dog on a leash at all times

DO enjoy yourself at Woody's

DO get free treats and belly rubs


DON'T NOT do any of the above!


MONDAYS - July Sale Listed Below


TUESDAYS - $2 off any treat!

WEDNESDAYS -10% Off ALL Cat stuff

  - $10 OFF Cat Grooming

THURSDAYS -  10% off Senior/ Military day (Retail only) 


Half off dog washes on Mondays


'Ohhh Behave'
Woody's Rules

All dogs must be on a leash and under their owner’s control at all times.  If you don't have a leash, ask us, we have one you can borrow!

You MUST tether your dog to the tub at all times!  This is a safety issue for all involved.  PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG OR CHILDREN UNATTENDED

If your dog is aggressive towards people or other dogs, please be courteous and aware of your surroundings. 


All patrons are responsible for the actions of their pets and children.


Any damage to retail store items by you, your children or your pet are "Purchased Items" e.g. Chewing, Leg Lifting, Damaged Goods, ETC.

We get it, some dogs "poo" when excited, please be kind and pick up after your dog.  We have plenty of poop bags available.

If your dog tinkles from excitement (or just wants to mark) we understand, just please let us know, we have what is needed to clean it up.


POOP PATROL - Let US scoop dog poop from your yard!  Prices start at $10/week.  Please call Chad at

412-714-4644 for further details.

Fun Stuff to Know

Woody's offers a FREE Canine Clip Card = Buy 10 Baths Get One Self Serve Bath FREE